Jan. 1st, 2020

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PSY: A Blog About Anything Relating To Psychology

Greetings, fellow Dreamwidthians (and LiveJournalians, and Wordpressians... guess what, you can post your comments here via the OpenID login page)!  :)

It is my goal to entertain you with various tidbits of research and news that I have come across in psychology lectures, textbooks, websites, etc.

Feel free to submit links of your own via each entry's comment page, and who knows, it just might be the subject of my next entry!

Finally, if you enjoy reading these entries, please support this blog by adding it to your "circle".  :D  Spread the word to your friends, so that they can receive the latest as well!

Note: All information posted on this blog contains a reference/source, so that readers may have a chance to confirm the validity of the information themselves.

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